Thursday, 6 November 2014

Serviced Apartments near Manyata Tech Park Bangalore is one of the preferred locations around the country for conducting business conferences and various types of exhibitions. If you are travelling to Bangalore for an event and are looking for accommodation that is economically priced and loaded with facilities, then Nandu Hospitality should be your primary choice. Two convention centers in particular have been at the center of all major events occurring within the city – White Orchid Convention Center and Manpho Convention center. These convention centers have hosted nearly every major event held in the city over the past year simply because of the world-class facilities they are capable of providing. Nandu Hospitality offers some of the best accommodation facilities within close proximity of these convention centers with their R & S Riviera located just a few short minutes from Manyata Tech Park. Anyone looking to travel to Bangalore to participate in one of the business meetings or conventions now has an easy and affordable option to turn to, one that is located at the heart of the activity. The Service Apartments offered by Nandu Hospitality ensure that you are always in close quarters of the action, greatly reducing all costs incurred due to travelling and saving time which is the greatest asset of all. The Service Apartments themselves are of the highest order which include fully furnished rooms, completely stocked kitchens, loaded with amenities, on-call doctor, chef and taxi services, back-up power and much more.

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